Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Quick Trip to Paris

Today I was invited to go to Paris with my friend Maureen.  She taught me how to take the train and we had a great adventure!  The weather was gorgeous, the food was outstanding, and the company was wonderful.

Good morning!  Fresh orange juice + sunshine + Paris = perfect!

making it blossom-snow

the left side of the spire has been cleaned, the right side not.  

city of love!

tai chi in the park

me too!

Notre Dame- It is magnificent!  

candle I lit for Grandpa 

Daddy helps his daughter put on tattoos from Shakespeare & Co bookshop.  

police doing typical police things

glorious sunshine

fabulous restaurant!  


Onion Soup

Licorice Creme Brule

Poached pear and a buckwheat pancake.  Scrumptious.

So when I tried to get on the metro, this dude nearly bodychecks me to get his produce onboard.  

Really graceful art by Yaseen Khan

You can see his website here:

The Artist from the wall of art above.  Beautiful art, beautiful human.  

Bullet marks from WWI

the tower in the distance

So close, but yet so far!

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