Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Belgium Day 516: Lark Teyze

Of all my students, Fahti is my biggest fan.  He asks for me when I'm not there, and when he knows I am coming he waits for me in the yard or door way.  I am greeted with hugs and smiles and laughs.  We play together a lot, and it is fun for both of us.  His Turkish is above my level, but often I understand what he is saying.  He picks up English a lot and chatters away in his made-up language just as much.  He gets jealous when Mom calls me away or when I pay attention to his baby brother.  Sometimes when I leave he cries and clings to me and say things (in Turkish) like "Lark Teyze (Aunty), don't leave me!".  Other times he can't be bothered and just says "Bye-bye" as if he is telling me, "if you want to leave us it is your loss, so go on and go."  Love love love him!  What a joy.  :D  Sometimes when we read Starwars, Spiderman, and Batman books together he snuggles up with me and falls asleep. Other times we have endless duals, shoot-outs, or trampoline jumping (hey why not? It is a great chance to practice counting in both languages).  His favorite is when I die, so I have many opportunities to rehearse dramatic deaths.  In this case, I bring a sword to a gun fight.  

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