Thursday, April 10, 2014

Morocco Day 5: The Cistern (part 1)

"boom, boom"

Incidentally, I am a very lucky girl.  There was a darling old man who spoke a little English there.  He explained the layout of the village to me.  He called me click-clack because of the camera sounds and would call me "Click-click, come come" and position me in the cistern depths for the best photos.  He was adorable.  There were 5,000 Portuguese inhabitants in the 1600's and 1700's- all Christian.  Now there are just 2,000 Muslim inhabitants.  There was a special jail for the Jewish and Muslim criminals and they had a separate court house, both along the northern border of the island.  The cistern is in the grey-brown center of the city.  5,000 people depended on the water reserves here.  They used a bucket down the center hole to get the water.  It was just rain water.   

Grain stores

You can see the redish border on the back walls showing the height of the water.  

Out, damn spot, out!  This is the scene from Othello.  

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