Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Afghanistan Day 143: Kabul

Something GOOD!
  Here are some photos from the recent humanitarian efforts.  Donations of school supplies included many generous packages from our internet supporters (anysolider.com, soldier's angles, etc.) , also shirts from my mom, and  books donated from the elementary school I attended in Narragansett, Rhode Island.  Assembly was completed in large part by time and energy donated by US Air Force volunteers.  My favorite friends from Canada helped me carry about the stuff.  
These are some of the results:

 School kits (enough supplies for 1 year of study).

 Children's books in English. 

 Math supplies (mini- white boards)

Thank you for all that you have done to support the educational efforts of the teachers and schools in Kabul.  Thank you for helping the children of Afghanistan.

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  1. Numbers on school kits for kids.

    Girls' School:
    Backpacks- 31
    Kits- 158

    Boys' School:
    Backpacks- 28
    Kits- 64

    Other donations
    Girls' School:
    1 Teacher's Desk
    200 children's books & graded readers
    15 teacher kits
    30+ black pants
    30+ pairs of shoes
    10 black trench coats (part of uniform)
    10 decks of math flash cards

    Boys' School:
    50 Children's books & graded readers
    25 teacher kits
    class sets of crayons
    20+ t-shirts
    15 dry erase slates for math classes

    10 school days left in the school year! Hurry and get remaining donations in the mail ASAP! :D