Friday, October 29, 2010

Afghanistan Day 160: Kaia

So of course the same pay period that my pay is messed up, my pipes break again in San Antonio.  I've lost track now if this is time number 7 or number 8 since I bought my house.  Needless to say, I am frustrated at the time, expense, and now lack of proximity to such an inconvenient problem. 

I've been cranky about it for a week now, but thankfully I woke up to this update from my mother:
Plumbing is: All under control.  It was not the main pipe leaking but a small crack in a pipe on the house.  Matt, your plumber is going to fix it himself....for free.  He said if there is any other problem with the water main he is going to dig it up and replace the entire pipe with a new material that is more durable and flexible.  He is happy to help you.  Not huge water, just enough to give your lawn a good soaking.  No water in the street.  He will check everything for you.  His dad already went out first thing this morning because Matt was too rushed.  He is trying to help you too.

Thank you Matt & Dad for saving the day.  Hopefully, the missing pay will show up in my account tomorrow.

Being in Afghanistan continually presents new challenges. The other day I discovered just how hard it is to be a vampire in Afghanistan.  First of all, your teeth just never fit right.  Second of all, you just end up drooling everywhere.  Third of all, people totally discriminate against your glow-in-the-dark incisors.  They just stare rudely, as if they've never seen a vampire before.  It's tiring.  

Misc old photos:
After 2 long months, I decided it was time to update my combat pedicure.



  1. These photos are all from my point and shoot. Poor camera. It tries.

  2. Love the fangs....Happy Halloweenie! Also love the clothesline mingled with barbed wire....nice effect.