Friday, October 29, 2010

Afghanistan Day 160: Kaia

KAIA is an international NATO base.  
We have many countries living on base, either as assignment or as contractors. 
One of the countries responsible for security is Belgium.  They have gate guards that inspect the undercarriage of our transportation for bombs, they make us clear our weapons a billion times a day, and they check our ID cards.  Regularly, I harass the poor guys standing guard because they never give me (or others!) chocolate.  

For a country that is famous for their chocolates, they really should be doing some humanitarian aid.  Seriously, they could solve the war simply by just giving everyone a couple bars now and then.  People would be in better moods, Belgium would be the savior, and they'd get credit for resolving the longest and most enduringly expensive international endeavor of all time.  But no, they keep it. They keep the chocolate all to themselves. Every time they inspect my ID or my van (I drive either a scooby-do van or a silver prado), I think about all the chocolate I could and should be gobbling up.  

So, last week, one of the gaurds had to babysit me at the gate while I waited for a delivery.  I explained once again my Belgian-chocolate-will-save-us theory.  He listened.  He took my information.  I got my delivery and I left and forgot all about it. 

 Then one day, I get a text message about chocolate.  Hans had procured chocolate!!!  So I was summoned to meet Hans outside for the pick-up.  Yey!!!

I believe that Hans could single-handedly save Afghanistan.  Go, Hans, Go!  And THANK YOU! : D

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  1. Hans is a lifesaver, alright!!! I buy into that chocolate theory of yours. Ice cream and movie night cures most ills too!