Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Afghanistan Day 152: Humanitarian Aid in Kabul

The long-awaited day has come.  Today we took over 275 school kits, backpacks, teacher kits, donated graded readers, 100 beanie babies, candy and other treats to the girls school.  IT WAS AWESOME.  

Thank you to the Headman family and their school, Carol Imhoff, Deb G, the Vargas family, Irene Islin, my family, all the soldier's angles, folks, the Taylor family, and all the others who have supported our efforts thus far. 
Thank you to the US troops who provided time, energy, and security to make this effort possible, and espeically to those in KAIA billeting and Germany who also supported time and again with collection, transportation, and energy.
Thank you for taking this effort seriously and helping make a direct and immediate impact for children in Afghanistan.
These girls are attending class in a building that is under construction while the construction is on-going.  The building was bombed out in the past and UNICEF is funding the restoration.

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  1. Look what the devotion of one can produce. You are an angel of love and mercy. You bring joy and love and give hope to the hopeless. the children see their lives improving and you are proving them right. Thank you for being there and thank you for all your tireless days. You are good....very good. MOM