Friday, November 5, 2010

Afghanistan Day 165: NMAA Admissions (continued)

I have a special relationship with the Generals and selected esteemed Col's at NMAA because I give them English lessons, particularly in reading and speaking.  Being a teacher in Afghanistan warrants respect second only to motherhood and Allah.  This means I am treated with respect and care that are not usually afforded to the American Advisory team in place.  

Since I double as the team photographer, I get to wander around everywhere on campus and observe nearly everything.  While I was taking photos yesterday, the top general at my school beckoned to me to go join him on the presentation stage. 

I obliged and he ordered me to eat some "very delicious delicious fruit."  

I complied.  It was delicious and I told him so.  He asked my opinion about how the day was unfolding and I told him it was better than I expected and why.  He took it all in and thought for a bit and then I mentioned that I had to leave to get back to my photo mission.  He replied: "You do all that walking around and then you will get hungry and when you get hungry you will come back here and eat more fruit!"  I smiled and said: "Yes, Sir!" 

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