Monday, November 29, 2010

Afghanistan Day 192 : NMAA

This past week (and continuing sporadically over the next two weeks) is the junior class English testing at NMAA.  This means I have to drag around enough tests for 150 people, the supplies (scantrons, pencils, pencil sharpeners, cds and tapes, etc., every day.  There is no good way to secure them at the university.  One day I put them in the vehicle (2 bags) and then ran back in the building to get my battle armor, but my coworkers forgot me and drove off.  I FREAKED out, not because I was forgotten (I guess it IS possible to forget me) but because I was not in the presence of my test materials.  I really lit into the Master Sgt who was driving and explained that test materials must remain secure and that someone needs to have vis on them all the time.  

The other day, I had to leave the office to go pick up some support proctors and asked who would be around.  My Master Sgt readily agreed to babysit the secure test materials.  When I returned from driving, this is what I saw:

Well done!  :-D

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