Monday, November 29, 2010

Afghanistan Day 192 : KAIA

Yesterday, the Afghan Women's Project had a brief bazaar at the defac. 

I was able to get a few photos of the set up.  It's really a cool initiative.  The products are all made by women (although some male employees get tasked with selling the items) and go directly to benefit women's needs in Kabul, Peshawar, and several smaller provinces.  

One of the women insisted that I was Afghan.  She came up to me, scolding me in Dari, and then grabbed my arm, kissed my cheek and drug me over to her table.  Eventually, I was able to half convince her I was American and I didn't understand her.  Then she proceeded to begin Dari lessons on the spot.  She made me repeat everything she said until I pronounced it the way she liked.  

She taught me:   I am happy.  I want to go to the bathroom.

The workers at the tables near us burst out laughing, as I combined the two statements in practice.  Then everyone was teasing me for wanting to be happy in the bathroom.  Clearly, my instant Dari lessons were a success.  

These women and their children study English whenever and where ever they can.  I wish so much that I could go to a school and offer classes for the women.  I wish I could spend time with them in their homes and join them in their daily tasks.  These people are so easy to love, the women work so hard and they never give up.  They inspire me.

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