Thursday, November 4, 2010

Afghanistan Day 165: NMAA

This week is ADMISSIONS at NMAA.

This means 5,000 candidates have shown up from all over Afghanistan. 

Some travel for up to 2 weeks to attend the admissions process to NMAA.
Literally every province and ethnicity is represented.

Today was the last day of the process, which concluded with an entrance exam called Kancor (similar to SAT/ACT). 

Here at the N-M-AA (en-em-uh), we run to our exams!

Being "runny" at en-em-uh...


  1. I'm amazed at the conditions under which they take the exam. American crybabies would never make it there!

  2. Beyond impressive. You must be thrilled to be a witness to this emergence of determination. Reminds me of pilgrims and the pioneer spirit of early Americans. Why isn't this newsworthy. thank you for sharing this. I wish them all success. Do cheer them on won't you?

  3. Lark, your presentation of this journal entry is brilliant