Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Belgium: Day 10- Tour of Mons-Bergen

Belgian Hot Chocolate- sugar separately.  

Flat water

Bruchetta.  SO good.  

Girls Lav.

Chubby boys lav.

DON'T go in this door.  Just DON'T.  

Girls Lav.

Mr. Gru's Lav.



Grocery shopping.


Or Waffles?

Or tiny waffles?

I'm dreaming.  Or I'm dead.  Or I'm dreaming while I'm dead.  A whole grocery store aisle dedicated to Belgian chocolate.  

Baby is excited for waffle treat!  He laughed and clapped!

So delicious!

Bus seat diversity.

Tour of the local hospital.  Just incase you need to beat Aids with blood cells, there is an arcade in the lobby.

Hospital door.

It looks like pacman on the screen.  Proceeds go to AIDS research.

Window shopping in downtown Mons.

Street fair in Mons Grand Plaza.

Cafe for lunch.  

Multivitamins ACE jus.  YUM!

Apparently I am to cook my steak on this stone.

Smells fantastic!

Waffle street vendor.

Lucky Monkey.

Police. Belgian style.

Flavored waffles.  

WOAH!  Belgian waffles, dipped in Belgian chocolate, with berries.  Just woah!

11,000 people on my bus.

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