Friday, November 9, 2012

Quick Trip to Rhode Island: Day 1

South West Wings

Jingle Plane? 

Confident man in animal pants!

peppermint treat

Confident woman in chicken style!

The drive from the airport to my house.

As you can see, my home town is mostly trees.


random houses

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the big freeway- 4 lanes total

Naragansett-my home town.

Another graveyard.

shopping plaza


Visiting friends.

Mom and Sister

They were setting up for an event in the retirement facility.


The local library.

Cleaning up post hurricane Sandy.

Towers are still decorated inside.  

Pictures didn't turn out so well while driving.  I did my best. 

Broccoli Pie! 


Sister and Mom after a long day.

Getting my hair relaxed in a space helmet!

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