Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quick Trip to Rhode Island: Day 2- Dinner on Federal Hill

Mom watching Youtube on my sister's phone.

random houses

Sunset already!

Mom watching Sweet Brown on Youtube on the iPad.  

My Grandfather served in WWII in Europe.  He was in Belgium and kept his room key from a hotel there.  I am going to try to track it down.  He said it was bombed, so this a real challenge.  

My grandfather is impressed with my camera and that we can take a photo without anyone else's help.  :)

Couldn't leave Grandma out.  

My sister is less impressed.  

All my life, every visit, they stand at the door and wave goodbye to us.  :)

Yes, there is snow in RI right now.  Brrrr!

So I saw this limo and was startled to see the driver catching some Zzzz's.  

At Angelo's.

You know the food is good when it is frequented by the mob.

Apparently the mofia eats with their hats on.

Fresh bread.

Our dinners.

Chicken parm, garlic pasta, broccoli.  Yum!

City street.

Providence, the capitol city downtown.

Sister and Mom, all bundled up.  

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