Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quick Trip to Rhode Island: Day 2- Dentist

My street.

Dad is driving me to the dentist.

Cold and wintery already!

My dentist office.

Ready to clean my teeth!

X-ray time.

open wide


checking my first set of x-rays

time for big x-rays

My dentist...and my neighbor and family friend.  The best!

checking everything carefully.

showing me

Italian Bakery

Red Strip Pizza

My dad took me and bought my lunch.  :D

Broccoli pie! YUM.

Repairs after the big storm.

ripped up the road

This is the section of the wall that washed out in the storm.

one of the neighbors

My dad's famous lawn.  Silky smooth.

My parent's house. 

Neighbor's decorations left over from Halloween.

The across the street neighbors.


  1. I had no idea you were home! For how long?!?, hope I get to see you Sunday!

  2. I will not be at church, I leave tomorrow afternoon. If you want to stop by on the way to church for a hug, I will be at my parents.