Friday, September 13, 2013

Belgium Day 292 :a typical day in my classroom

A typical day:

0830- begin work
0900- Elementary level class

new vocabulary

new vocabulary
1030- Beginner level class

learning colors, numbers, letters 

asking and answering How many (color) do you have?  I have _____ _____.  
During this lesson, as I monitor the class, I occasionally challenge their tally and eat an m and m so they have to practice counting and revise the answer they give to their partner.

1200- Advanced Conversation (Current Events & Culture)
1300- TOEFL preparation
a snake is lurking under a shrub near a girl

1445- administrative stuff- attendance- DONE!  Go get gas, if time.

1500- stop at home, grab stuff/drop off stuff.  drive to brussels for Arabic class.

1700- Arrive at Arabic class.

2045- Arabic class is finished.  Drive home.

2241- blog about it.  sleep.

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