Tuesday, September 3, 2013

London Day 33: Parting is such sweet sorrow

This man refused to let me buy a banana for breakfast, even when I tried to pay another employee, if I bought one, he'd force me to take two.  We said good morning to each other every day.  What a pleasant way to start the day.  

His fruit stand.

my route to the tube each morning

CELTA has been worth investing the money, time, and energy in.  I know it was crazy to celebrate completion of a Master's degree with yet another educational program, but I am glad that I did it.  I have (mostly) loved being in London.  It was not a similar to the U.S. as I had assumed/anticipated it would be, but overall it has been nourishing for my soul to explore the mecca of English.  Lovely memories, pleasant adventures, and wonderful friends.  Can't wait to come back when I am not absorbed in something academic.  Goodbye, London, goodbye!

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