Friday, September 20, 2013

Belgium Day 299. A blessed vendredi

This morning the sky had those glorious rays that radiate through the clouds, very peaceful. My day began with a visit to a wonderful dermatologist. She will be able to address my situation effectively and she was very kind- always nice to have a happy experience with a doctor. I wanted to hug her! Don't worry, I didn't. Anyway, I left my appointment on a high note ( hey I was already feeling victorious from getting myself unlost in a non- English speaking country, so having a successful appointment in Engench/Frenlish was a bonus. I felt like I passed the test AND got extra credit.

After leaving the appointment, I met my friend for some local Friday market perusing, putting the VENDRE in my vendredi. She had brought pastry for our breakfast! What a thoughtful friend! 

So the styles here aren't exactly like home.

I bought two beautifully illustrated children's books in French and some ENORMOUS ripe figs.
After shopping and strolling, we had lunch at a great Indian restaurant. It had delicious food and fun decor.  

After lunch, I met a friend to tutor in English and help her figure out how to register for the Toefl (English exam). 
After that, I went to tutor some Turkish children. Of course, that meant that I got to eat some wonderful Turkish food, too. : D.

Hope your Friday was as rich and lovely as mine. Feeling blessed- what a sweet day.  It didn't even rain on me! Happy Friday, hope your weekend is great! 

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