Saturday, May 31, 2014

A quick trip to France- Day 2: Lascaux II, a cemetery, British Tea Salon, and the farmer's market of Pech Merle

The woman at the office refused to sell me a ticket under the pretext that I had to drive to another village to buy them and by the time I'd get there and back the tours would be finished for the day.  Luckily the women in the bookshop intervened.  They squeezed me in on a French tour, the last of the day.  Their bookshop was the most interesting out of all the sites, but the cave itself was a bit of a let-down.  It is a reproduction of the original cave, done precisely, etc., but its only a small portion of the real cave.  Once you've seen the real ones, its hard to accept the reproduction.  Still, the paintings inside were impressive and it does spark the imagination.  Totally worth the hours of driving.   

the ticket booth that was a bit reluctant to sell tickets...

I was driving along between villages on my way to Pech Merle, another cave.  I came across a sweet little cemetery.   

1891?  Hard to read.

18xx?  Hard to read.

I arrived at the hotel in Pech Merle.

Discovered a tea salon down the street from my hotel.  they have lovely teas and i had eggs and toast for breakfast.  lovely people and adorable, homey establishment.  highly recommend. 
Pure rosebuds 

biggest bread I've ever seen 

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