Thursday, May 22, 2014

Belgium Day 539: Misc Moments

Kiss that face!  
I had a question that my classmates helped me ask my teacher in Arabic class.  Since my teacher only speaks French and Arabic, so it requires a lot of support from friends about what happens in class.  I save up all my questions and ask during breaks or after class so as not to annoy the rest of my class.  On this day, the answer to my question had three parts and my teacher gave me three pretzel rods to help me remember these forms.  I was so touched by her consideration and the support of my lovely classmates I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness.  God bless them all.  

Whatchya doin?  Pay attention to me!

Yey for sun!

typical morning commute.  

even on base, I can't escape the farm equipment that drives 30% of the speed limit, max.  

In Belgium, construction quality is generally quite low compared to the US.  Also, codes and safety standards are very different.  You can see here on this staircase that the steps are different depths, sometimes only 3 inches deep, broken, and only 1.5 feet wide.  Also, these stairs have probably been damaged for many years and everyone is sort of just fine with that.  The bathroom they lead to in the restaurant is totally covered in green slime, black mold, and muddy grime.  The door frame is ripped off and tiles are falling off.  the water in the sink is only cold- no option for hot.  the bar of soap is not successful in convincing me that it will improve my sanitation status.  I pass on it.  Food was great.  


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