Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Quick Trip to France- Day 2: Font de Gaume (part 1)

First cave of the day- Font de Gaume is difficult to see because they limit human traffic to 80 persons per day to reduce damage from human breath and other destructive activity from traffic.  

Waiting in line an hour in advance of opening.

No cameras or bags allowed inside.

iphones aren't cameras, right?

my grand rebellion

They keep the caves totally dark inside.  the floor is light with running lights in little plastic tubes.   

got a cave formation with a flicker of light

in the black abyss above me, there are actually caverns and it is really pretty.  sorry it was too dark to show you properly.

I did my best, really, to try to show anything at all.  Turns out they only flash a light on the paintings for a few seconds and then you walk forward in total darkness to the next point where the protocol is repeated.  groups for this cave are limited to 10.  it's really impossible to capture painting shots in these conditions.  I truly tried. 

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