Friday, May 23, 2014

Belgium Day 540: Important Life Skills

In elementary school it was common to have juice boxes with tiny bendy straws that frequently got detached and lost.  In order to drink the juice, one had to break the seal with a pencil or a friend's straw and then suck the juice out in slurps.  Little did I know this is an important life skill. 
Today I was running errands and left a box of chocolates in the car while doing so (I was planning on mailing them to the States).  Upon approaching the post office, I realized the chocolates had turned into a soup.  There was no chance I was going to throw away 2 euros worth of belgian chocolates.  Suddenly I realized I knew what to do.  I made a hole in the corner and sucked the chocolate out in big slurps.  Thanks elementary school!  

sorry about the interior of my nostrils.  i was a bit focused on the chocolate nectar.  

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