Saturday, September 11, 2010

Afghanistan Day 112: Sept 11th

Today, to commemorate Sept 11th sacrifices, we had an Army Combat Patching Ceremony.  

I was also given a combat patch, which was punched on, in accordance with Army tradition.

This is what Col Naessens, my unit commander, said in an email to me after I emailed thanking him for recognizing me today: "You are part of the team, and I appreciate you deploying to Afghanistan.  Not many civilians do that!!!  Thanks for your service."

"NMAA- Educating Future Leaders of Character for the ANA"
     "Shohna ba Shohna" -- "Shoulder to Shoulder"


  1. Just look at you! You have become part of world history. You are a leader and a hard worker. I am your proud mother. Thank you for being so good. Thank you for helping others and for recognizing the despair in their lives. They could not avoid their situation by their own will. You can make a difference for them. You are my brave one. I love you, MOM

  2. MM your learning Dari now ha that's great keep it up.

  3. Lark, I love your blog. Wow! What intense experiences. I'm proud of you too!