Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Afghanistan Day 116: Humanitarian Aid, Kabul

These teachers work at the boys school, the same one where we sent the crayons.

Supplies for the class. 


  1. I see that you started a sept 15 entry but nothing showed up on it. Where was the humanitarian aid going to? did you go?

  2. No, photos coming soon! It takes hours to upload each photo, mom, so when the internet dies, the upload fails.

  3. There are just so many exaggerated frustrations for you to deal with every waking moment. I am so glad we worked so hard at the school supplies effort. It was more than worth it to see even a glimmer of joy and self worth on the faces of the children. If they could only understand the depth and genuine heartfelt concern we feel for their very lives. It is overwhelming. Thank you so much Lark. Love, MOM