Thursday, September 30, 2010

Afghanistan Day 131 : yesterday @ NMAA

This is how my day was supposed to go:

0800- Meet with Dept Head
0900-1200 Tutoring Teachers in  IMI & Lesson Planning
1200-1400 Dean's English Class
1400-1600 Meeting with Teacher Contractor Manager
1700-2200 Convoy home, reports, admin, my lesson planning, teaching at TL

This is how it went:

0800- Dept Head got tasked by Dean to do some priority thing
0900- no electric in computer lab building, cancel lab tutoring
1000- teachers dismissed early due to bus schedule, cancel lesson planning tutoring
1100-  the guy who was supposed to show up last week with a dictionary delivery calls and asks if he can bring the late delivery at 1130
1200- Dean is in meeting, can't begin teaching until 1235

1345- book guy shows up
1430 - meet with deptartment head, contractor isnt at work today.  discuss why a particular teacher is being paid but never shows up to work.  the explanation for why he hasnt been fired is: "he's so nice.  he's also handsome."
1530-1645 Mail call.
1700- prepare lesson
1800- 2230 TL workshop


  1. It is like wading through mud. You don't get anywhere but you become stronger in the process. Learn and move ahead. Love, MOM

  2. Each day is about persistence, resilience, and being just plain patient.