Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Afghanistan Day 129: NMAA

A Typical Day at NMAA

0500 wake up, shower, dress, get gear ready, check email, move gear outside of room

0700 convoy to NMAA

0800 Team Meeting

0900 Conduct training with department

1000 Training Cont'd

1100 inspect, inventory, and sign invoice of book delivery.  move and store delivery. 
1200 check on status of room being prepared for library (future home of freshly delivered books).

1230 check email, follow up on issues

1300 teach a general

1400 check on warehouse inventory, roster translations, orders, policy issues to press up to leadership, etc.

1500 convoy to mail call

1600 haul mail back to billeting and haul up stairs and inside

1700 check email, report to the people at the other base, change out of uniform

1800 lesson plan, prepare materials, answer emails, meet with other TEAM members

1900 win the war, single handedly/ teach at Thunder Lab

2000 check email, eat dinner, prepare laundry, go to the ATM, exercise, shower, communicate for non-work emails, visit with people from home duty station, prepare donations of humanitarian aid, clean weapon, clean room, make time for friends, floss, consult, blah blah blah.

2200 sleep, rinse, repeat.

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  1. love these little schedules....brings you closer to me. love, mom