Saturday, September 25, 2010

Afghanistan Day 126: NMAA

First dry run of Ground Zero, the curriculum I've been writing.  It was extremely successful and FUN.  : D

I love teaching the Generals.  They take everything seriously and work so hard.  They want to learn and increase their skill so much.  They want to be accomplished in speaking English and be able to communicate without assistance with US troops.


  1. Visual aids work. I love that you used the Twizzlers for school! All people are born with the love of God within them. so many just stray from that light. You help bring their "light" to light. I am glad your program is being launched. I am glad you are able to see it being initiated. I hope it comes into full use. You are good and smart and determined. I love what you have done. MOM

  2. I don't know if the book will launch the way it was intended to if I leave sooner rather than later. Hard choices, if I even get a vote.