Sunday, August 11, 2013

London Day 11: A Love/Hate Relationship

So, like much of Europe, it is really easy to have a love/hate relationship with London.

Things I HATE about London:

10. Hygiene.  People just don't wash here the way they do in the US.  Disappointing.  
9. Clothing sizes- different from everywhere else on Earth, without a reason.  
8. Currency.  I really don't understand why they can't use Euros.  There's no point in holding out.
7. Accents.  Some are nearly impossible to decode.
6. Lowtech.  Branches of the same bank aren't connected.  This discovery was shocking to me.
5. Unsafe.  Apparently there are really lax safety standards for buildings and a total lack of handicap accessibility on public transport systems.  
4. Unsophisticated.  I expected London to be a beacon of development, organization, and technology.  
3. Crowded.  No matter what. 
2.  It is very expensive.  VERY.
1.  It is dirty.  Everywhere.  All the time.  Everything.  Poop in the street, trash everywhere, scary bathrooms you must pay to use and want to swim in clorox after using. 
The street I live on.

Theatre district


total abandonment of all inhibitions

Things I LOVE about London:

10.  Museums are open on Sundays
9.  Public transport runs on Sundays
8. They have these realllllly helpful workers in blue at every tube station that know everything about london.  It is like the London entry of wikipedia is uploaded in their brains.  And they always call me "Love" which is fun.
7. Tea. A million kinds of teas to try. Tea is basically a human right here, and it would be cruel torture to be denied it.
6. Scarves are sold inexpensively everywhere.
5.  Gardens.  I haven't even seen the famous gardens yet, but there are cheerful flowers everywhere.
4.  History.  Heaps of it.
3.  Hobbs.  I forgive London for many things just for having Hobbs.  Really lovely shop.
2.  Diversity.  people watching never gets dull.
1.  Every block.

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