Friday, August 16, 2013

London Day 16: CELTA completion 50%

One of my trainers wears mismatched socks daily that in no way coordinate with his shirts.  It is very distracting for me.  I can't concentrate on what he is saying because the socks are just so blaring.  Sigh.

My morning indulgence- fresh mint- a lovely way to start the day- when there's time!

I wish I pooped purple and teal.  Feeling jealous. 
The stadium was lit for the England v. Scotland match (the one all the kilts were out and about for last night).  I wish the photo had turned out better.

Roses everywhere.

I am now 50% of the way finished with my course.  I finished yesterday on a high note with a better-than-minimum score on my teaching performance.  I will celebrate this weekend by having a proper afternoon tea on Saturday and going to the Egyptian exhibit at the British Museum (I have to reward myself to try to sustain motivation for the beast that will be next week).  

This incredibly demanding course (typically accomplished over 6 months or a year as part of university coursework here) squashed into a single month has really been exhausting, but also incredibly wonderful.  I love the new friends I've made and have enjoyed having the period to reflect on diverse teaching methods.  Being an American speaker has been a huge challenge, but I keep trying and just doing my best.  Thus far, it has been worth it. 

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