Wednesday, August 21, 2013

London Day 20: Russell Crowe & GEICO Gecko

In my CELTA course, there is a really lovely gentleman who sounds EXACTLY like Russell Crowe (who is a native Australian/ New Zealand speaker) in Gladiator.

He resembles him, too.  Yesterday Russell Crowe told me that the GIECO Gecko is NOT Australian, but is, in fact, British.  This is true!  The GEICO Gecko speaks with a cockney accent!

 So obviously my admiration for my CELTA Russell Crowe went up a notch, since he taught me something new.  Later in the day, we were doing a phonology workshop and he was asked to say the word antibiotics as a speech sample.  After the lesson, I filmed it.  Enjoy!  Thank you CELTA Russell Crowe!


  1. Pssst... It's GEICO. And it's an acronym that stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. The more you know...