Wednesday, August 14, 2013

London Day 13: All in a Day's work...

Today on the tube, I commuted across from a very large, adult woman who sucked her thumb the entire journey.  I was busy reading so I didn't think fast enough to get a photo- sorry.  Last night I had nightmares about failing my lesson-planning paperwork and didn't sleep well, so today was just an off day from the get-go.  The baby (my host family's grandchild that lives with them- as do the parents) has been screaming basically non-stop since Friday.  I'm thoroughly exhausted.  

Someone really should have told him no sneakers with his kilt and that his socks were ALL wrong.  Sigh.  People these days!

I tried to stress-eat some English sweets, but I didn't enjoy any of them enough to justify the calories/sugar/etc., so I gave them to my classmates.  It is nearly impossible to get dried mango here, causing me to call into question yet again England's status as a developed nation.  Highly suspicious.  Highly.  Dried (or fresh) mango is a staple of my diet (yey fiber and whatever other magical benefits contained within) so it has been pretty frustrating not being able to easily procure it.  

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